Short Form: ‘We’ll Find Something’ (2015)

We'll Find Something photoIt’s after 7 PM in New York City on a Friday night, and Steve and Kendra don’t have plans on where to eat. Steve has been shopping and Kendra has been in a meeting. They’re exhausted, tensions are rising, but all they want to do is get a bite to eat.

That’s the basic premise behind We’ll Find Something, a walk-and-talk short film about a tense moment in a relationship written and directed by Casey Gooden. Stars Amy Seimetz and Shane Carruth have a prickly chemistry here, something played very powerfully in their feature-length collaboration, Upstream Color, and Gooden takes advantage of that. The short does a great job capturing the loopy, winding dialogue of a long-term couple arguing half-heartedly while burying the more serious issues. It’s a common scenario, and Gooden definitely captured the feeling of it well.

You can watch the short film below!


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