Short Form: Paperman (2012)

PapermanFor the last few years, many animated feature films have been released with short films leading off, letting animators experiment with style, tone, and content before the (typically) more conventional feature film gets under way. Pixar in particular has been notorious for putting out gorgeous, thoughtful shorts like “La Luna” or “Day & Night.” But Disney animation got in on the game as well, with “Get A Horse!”, “Feast,” and my personal favorite, the Oscar-winning “Paperman.”

Two people meet, and something passes between them. Love at first sight is one of the most enduring tropes in romance, the idea that there’s some inevitable pull between two people that nothing can overcome. It’s also hard to pull off, requiring just the right chemistry between the two leads to pull off on film. With “Paperman,” Disney crafted a phenomenally-animated silent film about a boy, a girl, a too-brief meeting, and the magic – and gawky charm – that brings them back together.

So please, enjoy “Paperman,” Disney’s 2012 short film directed by John Kahrs.


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