Short Form: ‘I Ship It’ (2014)

Yulin Kuang's I Ship It -- Short Film

A young woman is part of a ‘wizard rock’ – music influenced by Harry Potter – duo until her boyfriend and partner leaves her for another woman and replaces her in the band. She decides to try and team up with another recently-dumped male friend to compete against her ex in the Wizard Rock Battle of the Bands, but it quickly becomes apparent that she has talent to spare… and a tendency to hide it behind her male partners.

“I Ship It” is a genuinely fun, nerdy romantic comedy short film, perhaps the world’s only wrock romcom, and a ton of that charm is thanks to writer/director Yulin Kuang. The film’s pace, editing, and style are heavily reminiscent of things like Wes Anderson or Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, which makes it a joy to watch. I love romantic comedies, but so few live action ones have any directorial fire, and Kuang displays talent and ambition aplenty here.

The short film stars Mary Kate Wiles, Sean Persaud, and Joey Richter. Wiles, a talented performer on some popular YouTube series like The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (and its Lydia-themed spin-off) and School of Thrones, has an excellent oblivious nerd persona, and her Zoe is a perfect combination of magnetic and bashful to push the story along. Sean Persaud (as her friend and potential new love interest) and Joey Richter (as the scummy Wiz Rock star ex) both do good work here, particularly Persaud,  but for me, this was Wiles’ show all the way.

You can watch “I Ship It” below, and I highly recommend that you do.

“I Ship It” was written and directed by Yulin Kuang. You can visit her page here and see some of her other short films, which are definitely worth checking out.


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